Now is the time to get your boat professionally Winterized and Shrinkwrapped. Give us a call 508-309-5928 or send an email to for your appointment or quote.

Shrinkwrap is $13.25 per foot

includes Vents, mildew bags or tubes, frame and wrap.

Winterize I/O, Inboard

Consists of flush engine, drain block, fill with antifreeze non-toxic, fog engine, corrosion guarding engine and electrical, grease and gearlube, stabilize fuel, H2O separator filter if equipped.

4cyl    $145 plus parts

V6      $155 plus parts

V8      $185 plus parts

V8 454 and up $225 plus parts

Oil change is $75 plus parts

2 Stroke Outboard Winterize

Consists of flushing engine, fogging engine, gearlube, grease all fittings and steering cable stabilize fuel

2-25hp 2stroke          $85plus parts

26-90hp 2stroke        $95 plus parts

91-135hp 2stroke      $145 plus parts

136-300hp 2stroke    $225plus parts

4 Stroke Outboard Winterize

Consists of same procedure as above

2-25hp 4stroke      $85 plus parts

26-90hp 4stroke    $115 plus parts

91-135hp 4 stroke $145 plus parts

136-300hp 4stroke $225 plus parts

Oil Change is $50 plus parts

We are also doing water pumps  price is $225 plus parts

For an appointment please call 508-309-5928 or email us at